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Ward 2

Phone Number: 204-571-6918

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 61, Alexander, Manitoba  ROK OAO


Candidate Offence Disclosure


Ward 2 of the Brandon School Division has only one seat out of nine at the Board of Trustees. I am running to be the strong voice of Ward 2, and to fill this vacancy. If elected, I promise to stand firm and be a strong advocate for parents, teachers, and children of our rural district. 

Over the past year I have attended virtually all of the Brandon School Division Board of Trustee meetings, and I have become acquainted with the board's dynamics. I intend to fill the gap left vacant in Ward 2 for the last couple of months, and ensure that Ward 2 issues are brought front and center. In this regard, I will advocate for:

-Lower taxes by lobbying the Provincial Government for more stable funding, and by looking at increasing the rental of school properties after hours, and during academic breaks.

-Increase support for teachers who are the underappreciated backbone of our school system.

-Safe and positive learning environments for students and staff members alike.

-High caliber of education utilizing the most modern of educational resources.

-Expanded support for parents and students ensuring successful involvement of everyone.

-Local staff hiring initiatives and local preference for hiring teachers and staff.

-A review of school bus policies and procedures.

-Transparent, public and televised Trustee meetings. Closed door meetings should only be held to discuss personal matters, and nothing else.

-Parents ability to choose the school of choice for their children.

-Lobbying the Provincial Government for more local rural elementary schools (including in Kemnay), and the development of a high school in Ward 2 to meet the unique and local needs of our children.

Public education is at a crossroads, and Ward 2 is underrepresented. I intend to ensure that the Brandon School Division does not leave Ward 2 behind. I will do this by rallying the board to foster, and grow its support for those that live, learn, and teach in Ward 2. 

As a former student of the Brandon School Division, father of four children who have attended the Division, and grandfather to grandchildren currently in the Division, I am directly invested in the decisions and policies of the Brandon School Division. I promise that my presence on the Board of Trustees will lead to positive outcomes. It would be my honor to serve and represent Ward 2 at the Brandon School Division Board of Trustees.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me with your comments, ideas and to express any concerns.