Sheri Miller 2023

Name:             SHERI MILLER

Ward 1


Occupation:    Past Brandon business owner, and pharmacist

Candidate Offence Disclosure

Why are you running for school trustee?

As a former Brandon business owner of 19 years, it has been my pleasure to serve the people of Brandon, and it would be an honor to continue serving my community as school board trustee. I understand what it takes to devote time, energy and attention to a business, and what it means to serve my community. Working as a pharmacist and pharmacy owner has given me the opportunity to get to know the people of Brandon and Westman. We are a passionate and involved community, and our children deserve the best education available to them.

I am a proud mother of three, and currently have one child in a K-8 school, one in high school, and one attending Brandon University. Throughout my children’s years in the Brandon School Division, I have been an active parent volunteer in Green Acres school, and a volunteer and supporter of the Brandon middle school band program. I have seen first hand the impact educators and our schools can have on children. I am passionate about our children’s learning and education, and I hope to be a strong advocate for our students and educators as a school board trustee.

Since 2018, I have volunteered as a board member with Westman Opportunities, then with Brandon Community Options as the two organizations merged. Both are local non-profit agencies supporting adults living with intellectual disabilities in the Brandon community. I strongly believe in supporting adults of all abilities to lead full and enriching lives within their communities.   I will also be a strong advocate for children of all abilities, pushing to ensure necessary accommodations and adaptations are available to every student, so they have the opportunity to thrive in their education environment.

An effective school board works to ensure that policies and resources are in place to achieve the greatest success for all students in the Brandon School Division. As trustee, it will be my duty to ensure equality, inclusion and representation for all children in our schools, no matter their ability, socio-economic status, race, heritage, religion, gender, gender identity, or orientation. I look forward to working together with other trustees to ensure the best quality learning environment and education for all Brandon School Division students.