Ward 1

Occupation:  Child Care

Candidate Offence Disclosure


I was lucky enough to be educated from K-12 within Ward 1 of BSD although at numerous schools (family moves, Gr. 9 becoming re-integrated back into high schools, but before the physical space was made available); regardless of where, one thing remained the same … the BSD was always diverse and inclusive during that time.

I became a mother at a young age, but put my children first every step of the way.  My children are Metis, both went to school at King George School from K-8, then they attended Crocus until graduation.  My daughter was Miss Teen Brandon 2015, and her platform taught youth to celebrate and embrace what made them unique; to love and celebrate their unique stripes…their diversities. She also graduated with a dual diploma in 2015.  My daughter is now a mother, wife, and budding entrepreneur.  

My son became a talented musician, something he had worked on since childhood.  The staff at Crocus’ various Music, Fine, and Performing Arts Programs, including Drama and Choir all fostered his growth and development in major p[oductions, and inspired him to pursue a budding future in Music Education and Performing Arts.  My son is currently pursuing his Music Education Degree at Brandon University.  He graduated with Honours and several accolades in 2023.

I owe the BSD for their many commitments to not only the education of myself and children, but to all of their students; for how they supported my children as they were developing, being educated, and helped shape their character and futures. 

I also owe my community so all children and their families can stay the same.