B Rusnak Closeup Photo


Ward 1  

Email: bradrusnak@mymts.net

Phone 204-782-2962

Occupation: Autobody Manager - Fowler Hyundai

Candidate Offence Disclosure


Our 3 children are all attending King George School this year. Jacob (11, grade 6), Ryan (8, grade 3), and Jessica (5, grade 1). Jacob and Ryan have Ocular Albinism, are severely visually impaired, and will likely never be able to drive a vehicle. Over the last 5 years, we have had countless meetings with OT's, vision consultants, resource teachers, and everyday teachers. All have had a very special connection with our kids, and have been terrific to work with; However, there have been bumps in the road, and we feel attention to these processes are necessary across our Division. We see many parents that can relate to this uneasy feeling.

I also bring a strong business sense as a candidate, with two successful runs in Managing corporate independent automotive repair locations, doubling outputs in both of those tenures. This, combined with previous volunteer board experiences (former President of the Westman 5 Pin Bowlers' Association for 4 years), has provided me with strong decision making, delegating, and negotiating ability. I bring a multi-view understanding and analysis to many topics. I enjoy numbers, budgeting, and risk-taking, as well as caring for our children. I volunteer coaching and running 5 Pin Bowling on Saturday mornings and aim to complete my National Coaching Certification in the near future. If elected, I will be a strong contributor, a hard worker, and an advocate for resource planning for our students, teachers and administrators. I look forward to working with all involved.