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Youth Centre

638 Princess Avenue
Brandon, MB

Phone 204-729-2516



Hey! My name’s Alex and this is my second year with the City of Brandon. I’m in my first year of university studying political science and sociology. In my spare time I like to spend time at the lake and hanging out with turtles!



My name is Alicia and I have worked with the city since 2022. I love animals and have 2 pets: a dog named Ernie and a guinea pig named Greg. I like making bracelets and my favourite sport is softball!



Hey, my name is Burke! I’ve been with the City of Brandon since April 2022 and work at the Youth Centre as well as YAC Junior in the summer! I enjoy watching and playing sports in my free time: challenge me in a game of volleyball!



Bio: Howdy! My name is Carter. I’ve been working at the City of Brandon Youth Centre for just over a year now. I’m a musician and artist in my free time, I also have a (slightly less focused) passion for reading and writing. I love to talk about music, movies, and television.



Hey, I’m Geneviève! This is my second year at the Youth Centre and I’m super excited to make many new memories this year :). I’m currently going to University for biology and chemistry and my hobbies include dance, science, and drawing!





Kobe is a chill guy who loves video games, anime, and music. He even has his own band! When not joking around with the kids or talking about the newest episode of the latest anime, you can find Kobe doing his favorite activity at the Youth Centre: karaoke!



Hey, I’m Lauren! I have been working with the City of Brandon at YAC and the Youth Centre since 2019. I am currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Nursing degree at Brandon University. My interests include art, dance, and almost any outdoor activity, and I am always excited to try out new things!




Bio: Hi, I’m Luke! I started at the Youth Centre in February of 2022. Right now I am in the Education program to be a Phys. Ed teacher. I love playing all sports (but volleyball is my favorite), I love playing outside, and always am down to try something new!



 Hi! My name is Sydney! I’m in my fourth year of university at BU majoring in sociology and minoring in English and Psychology. In my free time I enjoy reading, going on walks, and bugging my cats. Growing up I played a lot of sports, my favorite being softball which I coach as well. I’m always open for a chat or a Just Dance competition or whatever really, just not pool as I don’t enjoy losing and pool is not my strong suit… Hope to see you drop in sometime :)




Hey, I’m Treston! I’ve been with the City of Brandon since July of 2022 and have loved every moment of it so far… I can’t wait for more to come! In my free time I love watching the NBA and I am a huge fan of visual arts! Challenge me to game of BUMP.



I’m TZ, I’ve been with the City of Brandon since 2020 and am also a university student pursuing a chemistry degree. I’m pretty laid back and like to play basketball and take naps on my free time.