Kirkcaldy Drive Land Drainage Project Update

June 19, 2015

Brandon, MB – The Kirkcaldy Drive Land Drainage Project is well underway in Brandon. This $4.4 million project is part of the larger $27 million Brandon Flood Protection System Enhancements Project, which is being funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Brandon on a 45/45/10 cost split.

The intent of this specific piece of the project is to redirect storm water from Brandon’s North Hill that previously travelled to the Assiniboine River through four separate outfalls and to have it now drain through one outfall. This will reduce the openings through the north section of Brandon’s dike system and reduce the number of large diesel pumps that must be maintained in the event of a flood threat response.

Work on the project began in mid-May following the relocation of a natural gas line in the area. To date, highlights of the Kirkcaldy Drive Land Drainage Project include:

-         Relocation and replacement of a watermain along Kirkcaldy Drive, east of Knowlton Drive (with further watermain relocation and replacement required west of Knowlton Drive);

-         Installation of a concrete foundation in the current dike that will support the new outfall system;

-         Placement of a gate chamber that will house a valve for the new outfall system;

-        Construction for this project will continue on three fronts in 2015/2016 - retention pond excavation and dike relocation along Conservation Drive, work on the outfall and connecting storm sewer, and installation of numerous sections of storm sewer pipe in the area.

The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Team would like to ensure all residents it has a response plan in place for any potential increase in water levels on the Assiniboine River that could occur over the summer months. Based on current levels, the Assiniboine River in the area of the construction would have to rise approximately 10 feet to reach the level of the current opening in the dike. There is ample time to respond to any developing threat. In that regard, the City of Brandon and the project’s contractor have developed a response plan to completely seal the opening and have the supplies required immediately available to do so. The outfall structure is anticipated to be functionally ready by mid-November, with the final completion of the project to be in March 2016.

The City of Brandon and its partners genuinely appreciate the public’s patience and cooperation as it completes this very important piece of our long-term flood protection strategy.