City of Brandon To Offer Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program

June 18, 2015

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon and the Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council are pleased to announce that a first-of-its-kind Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program will be delivered within the City of Brandon over the next four months, thanks to dollars secured through the Urban Partnerships Youth Stream of the Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres funding program.

The Brandon Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program will match Aboriginal youth aged 16 to 24 years with mentors in various City Departments to allow for hands-on life and job skills development. The program will have two intake periods - one in July and August, and the other in September and October. July and August participants must be students returning to school in September, while the September and October participants must be those who are non-registered students. Following a job skills training component, participants will be able to choose two participating City Departments in which they’d like to spend their mentorship hours.

“This mentorship program will be the first of its kind in the City of Brandon,” explains City of Brandon Aboriginal Community Coordinator Jason Gobeil. “Through the program, participants will be mentored for job and life skills such as money management, resume preparation and interview skills, and career planning, and they’ll also get to hands-on experience in, for example, the City of Brandon’s Streets and Roads Department, or in our Emergency Services fields. This is such an exciting opportunity for the City of Brandon that will open doors for future opportunities for our Aboriginal Youth and the City organization.”

“We have an aging workforce, with many of them transitioning into retirement, and we know that we need young, bright employees to take their place as we continue providing quality services to our citizens,” adds City Manager Scott Hildebrand. “We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to showcase the City of Brandon as a viable career path for our Aboriginal youth in the community.”

Funding for the program has allowed for the hiring of a term program coordinator and for an honorarium to be given to participants as recognition of their commitment. An application form for Aboriginal youth who wish to be considered for the program is available at

The tentative start date for the City of Brandon Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program is Monday, July 6th.