2023 Proposed Municipal Budget

January 13, 2023

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is releasing the 2023 proposed municipal budget.  

Brandon City Council will deliberate the 2023 proposed budget as prepared by City administration on Friday, January 27, 2023, and Saturday, January 28, 2023. Deliberations will be held in the City of Brandon Council Chamber on the 2nd floor of Brandon City Hall and are open to the public and media to observe. The deliberations will also be livestreamed via the City of Brandon YouTube channel

The 2023 proposed budget will require an extra $3,660,235 in municipal taxes levied. The proposed combined general and utility budgets are $127.8 million. The proposed capital plan is $138.9 million, which includes $39.7 million in Federal and Provincial grant funding.  

Major projects from the proposed capital budget includes: 

  • $41.7 million for the water treatment facility expansion  

  • $25.7 million for land drainage improvements, including the Southeast Drainage Project 

  • $19.7 million for new wastewater sewers, including the Southwest Lift Station Project* 

  • $13.7 million for the multi-year construction of the Outdoor Sports Field Complex 


In addition to multi-year projects, some of the projects being proposed in 2023 include: 

  • $1.7 million Eastview Landfill Cell Design & Construction  

  • $900,000 for the detailed design of the conceptual cultural hub at the Library/Arts building** 

  • $200,000 for the conceptual detail design of the Sportsplex Arena 

  • $200,000 for the southwest trail loop paving project 

  • $75,000 for the transit route planning study, which will include rapid transit options 


Other notable projects of the proposed operating budget include equipment for preventative maintenance of overland drainage, a new community garden, three new police positions, and the completion of the City Plan. 2023 will also see the adoption of the City’s Climate Action Plan and the start of its many recommendations. 

All proposed budget documents can be viewed on the City of Brandon website at brandon.ca/budget/proposed-2023-budget.  

City Council welcomes comments or feedback on the proposed 2023 budget, which can be sent via email to budget@brandon.ca.  

*project pending outcome of public hearing  

**contingent on grant funding