Brandon's SAFE Roads Campaign Reminds Motorists To Slow Down For Worker Safety

May 14, 2015

Released in partnership with the Manitoba SAFE ROADS Committee

BRANDON, MB – With summer approaching and plans for infrastructure projects underway, the 2015 SAFE Roads campaign reminds Manitoba motorists to reduce their driving speeds and to be mindful when passing workers and when driving through construction zones.

"The City of Brandon is a proud supporter of the SAFE Roads campaign, as many of our department employees spend a significant part of their workday on our roadways," Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest said at today's launch. "We have a vested interest in keeping them safe and getting them home to their families at the end of the workday, so we ask Brandon drivers to slow down and exercise caution when you see our workers working on or alongside the road."

The theme for this year's campaign is: This is my Workplace. Slow Down - a message that will be reinforced through billboard and transit bus advertisements to help raise awareness for greater safety for those working on our roadways.

"As a province we have experienced the loss of four workers who were struck by a motor vehicle while working on or alongside the road," said Dave Kramer, SAFE Work Manitoba Portfolio Leader for production. "The tragedy of this number is that these fatalities are 100 per cent preventable by slowing down when passing through construction sites and when passing those working on or alongside the road."

"Our research shows that 84 per cent of people who are aware of the SAFE Roads campaign become more considerate, empathetic and understanding of workers and their designated work zones," said Chris Lorenc, President of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) and chair of the SAFE Roads Committee.

Established in 2004, the SAFE Roads vision is to educate motorists and the general public to practice respectful and safe driving practices to protect the safety of construction, utility, emergency services personnel, equipment operators and all those who work in or adjacent to our province's roadways.