Boil Water Advisory for a Portion of the Brandon Public Water System

August 15, 2022

Water Service update: Operations and Water Treatment Staff have identified and isolated the water main break disrupting service to portions of the west end of the city. Water pressure should now begin to return to normal. However, due to the significance of the water break a boil water advisory has been issued for a portion of the city: South of the Assiniboine River, and west of 18th Street, reaching to our city limits.

Until further notice, all water used for consumption in the affected area should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is used for:
• Drinking and ice making
• Preparing beverages, such as infant formula
• Preparing food, including washing fruits and vegetables
• Brushing teeth

The Boil Water Advisory will remain in effect until the water supplied by this water system no longer presents a risk to public health. You will be notified through a PSA when the advisory has been rescinded.

Please see the attached Public Notice from the Province of Manitoba for more specific instruction for residents and businesses in the area affected by the boil water advisory.

Boil_Water_Advisory_-_August_15,_2022.pdf (151.0 KB)