Updates To Open Air Burning Fires Regulation

June 24, 2022

Brandon, MB – At the regular Council Meeting on Monday, June 20th, City Council passed a motion to amend the Open Air Fires Regulations. As per City Council’s direction, Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is notifying all members of the public of updates to the Open Air Fires Regulation P30, effective immediately. 

The amendments to the Open Air Fires Regulation P30 include: 

  • Hours of an approved Outdoor Burning Appliance will be limited to between 12:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.* 

  • Open air fires will be prohibited when a poor air quality advisory is issued by the Province of Manitoba. 


Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is also reminding residents that if your activity includes sitting around a fire pit, you should ensure your fire pit is following these regulations:     

  • To have an open-air fire in your yard, you must first have an approved permit as per the Open Air Fires Regulation P30.

  • The person to whom an Open Air Fire Permit is issued shall be responsible for any and all damages as a result of burning. 

  • Fires as permitted under the Open Air Fires Regulation shall consist only of charcoal, or cut, seasoned wood. 

  • Fires shall always be supervised. 

  • Fires shall not be set in windy conditions conducive to creating a running fire or a nuisance to another person. 

  • If smoke from a fire causes an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of another person’s property, the fire shall be extinguished immediately. 


Failure to comply may result in fines according to the Open Air Fire Regulation. If Outdoor Burning Appliances are used without the necessary permit, offenders may be ticketed without warning. The fee for failing to comply with the regulation is $400, as per the Open Air Fire Regulation 30. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the use of an Outdoor Burning Appliance, please call Brandon Fire & Emergency Services at 204-729-2400. 


Open Fire Pit Environmental Impacts 

Open fire pits do have an environmental impact. Even small campfires burning clean, dry, seasoned wood can emit harmful chemicals and pollute the air we breathe. Pollutants include carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter, all of which contribute to air pollution. 

Acceptable types of wood for open fire pits: 

  • Seasoned, dry wood with a 20% moisture content 

  • Wood that has been freshly cut will have too much moisture and should not be burned. 

  • Hardwoods, such as oak, birch, maple, poplar, and ash are denser, produce less smoke, and will last longer. 

  • Softwoods, such as spruce, pine, and cedar will create more smoke and smolder. 


Other tips for disposing of wood: 

  • Treated wood and brush can be taken to the Eastview landfill for proper disposal 

  • Burn it where you buy it 

  • To avoid the spread of tree disease, do not travel long distances with firewood you have purchased. 


Fire permits and forms can be found at City of Brandon - Fire Permits & Forms.  

*Special fire permits can be submitted to Brandon Fire & Emergency Services. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.