Development Opportunity For Princess Site Properties

May 26, 2022

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon and the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC) have listed land for sale at the corner of 10th Street and Princess Avenue in Brandon, MB. This Princess Development Site includes seven (7) separately titled properties zoned Downtown Central Business (DCB), totaling approximately 70,000 sq. ft. (6,500 sq. m.) of land. 

Purchasers meeting the minimum conditions of sale set forth below shall be eligible to purchase the site(s) for $1 and automatically qualify for 20-year Tax Increment Financing (municipal portion only). The following development objectives as described below must be met in order to qualify: 

  • Purchasers have the option to develop both sites A & B as part of one compressive site or develop each site separately 

  • Development of either site (A or B) must include all the lands within the respective site 

  • The purchase of any individual titled property in isolation will not be considered 

  • Buildings must be constructed with a minimum height of three storeys and conform with the zoning Bylaw with regards to commercial development on the main floor of the development. 

  • Achieve a minimum total building lot coverage of 40%. 

  • Purchaser must be in receipt of permits for the site within two (2) years from the possession date. 


Additional site-specific information pertaining to land use, servicing, environmental and transportation considerations is available upon request by contacting Ryan Nickel, Director of Planning & Buildings Department at or 204-729-2124. 

Any interested purchasers should contact Emeka Egeson, Executive Director of BDDC at or 204-720-0342. 

“I believe that if we want a vibrant town, we need to have good projects like this that can help to sustain the momentum by continuing to spur change and new investments in the downtown,” notes Emeka Egeson, Executive Director of Brandon Downtown Development Corporation. “I am happy that the BDDC is working in partnership with the City of Brandon to help facilitate the development of the Princess Development Site. We want to leverage these properties to renew prosperity for our downtown, and this project aligns with our vision for the downtown.” 

The approach and vision for downtown Brandon revitalization includes: 

  • High-density mixed-use housing aligned with long-term growth  

  • Restoring facades, streetscaping, parking, a safe and walkable community with a focus on commercial corridors that promotes active and engaged merchants with life after dark 

  • Spur change and new investments in the downtown by helping to identify business opportunities that could complement the downtown mix 

  • Involve all downtown stakeholders in the enhancement and improvement of all aspects of the downtown's operation by ensuring coordination of efforts to maximize the downtown’s revitalization opportunities 


The City of Brandon offers surplus City-owned property for sale through direct sale in accordance with existing Council Policy. The City offers residential, industrial, and commercial properties throughout the year. More details can be found at 


Sale_and_Developoment_of_Princess_Site_Properties.pdf (1455.0 KB)