2015 State of the City Address a Celebration of Who and What ‘We Are’

May 14, 2015

Brandon, MB – Brandon’s ability to tackle all challenges and opportunities with positivity, inclusivity, collaboration, and common sense will be key to its future successes, Mayor Rick Chrest shared with the approximately 400 members of the business community who gathered to hear his first annual State of the City Address today.

Mayor Chrest delivered his address at the Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s May Luncheon event, sharing with those in attendance his viewpoint that the community’s natural way of approaching everything it takes on with passion, positivity, and common sense can be its competitive advantage.

“Brandon is special. Brandon is unique. We seem to have a different attitude and a different approach to things,” Chrest told the crowd. “Brandon is and has always been the second-largest city in Manitoba, but more importantly, we are the defacto ‘other’ regional hub for our Province. Here is where I plan to place a great deal of my time and effort. We have significant amenities in this regard upon which we can build, expand, and further our prominence as the regional hub.”

The Mayor pointed to imminent expansion at the Brandon Municipal Airport and in the industrial and commercial development sectors as a sure sign of positive growth. He also noted that City partnerships with Brandon’s educational and health institutions, and cooperation with all levels of government will be integral in expanding as that regional hub.

Mayor Chrest also made specific mention of City Council’s success in its first six months of service.

“While this Council has a very rich diversity, every single individual has come to the Council table with the same end game – to serve the residents of the City in the most positive and productive manner possible,” he said. “This Council is the most collegial and constructive I’ve seen, capable of challenging each other while keeping it professional, issues-based and, most importantly, respectful.”

In his speech, Chrest spoke to City Council’s desire to focus on excellence in core municipal service delivery and noted that the City’s infrastructure program is the most robust it has ever been, with approximately $41 million in capital projects on the books in 2015. He also reiterated Council’s priority to focus more resources on viable recreation amenities to improve the quality of life of all residents.

“Brandon is poised for steady and meaningful growth. I’m committed to doing my part and I know our Council and administration will work hard to support growth opportunities,” the Mayor concluded.

Video of Mayor Chrest’s 2015 State of the City Address will be made available to the public online in the near future.