E911 Centre Receives Prestigious Award

February 3, 2022

Brandon, MB – Three members of the Emergency Communications Team were nominated for a Teamwork award with the Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials (APCO) Canada for an event that occurred in 2019. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 awards were delayed until the Fall of 2021. 

On May 29, 2019 at 2242hrs, aka 10:42 p.m., a “run of the mill” phone call came into the Emergency Communications Centre, but quickly turned into a major emergent situation with a rural police officer having been stabbed multiple times. With potential mayhem in the communication center, Chrystal managed the radio traffic, Vanessa called EMS and other officers out to the scene (while staying on the phone with the injured officer), and Megan answered the 911/Fire calls as well as other rural police phone calls. Chrystal, Vanessa, and Megan all conveyed good judgement, self-control, and effective multitasking in a high-pressured situation. There was excellent communication within the team, they remained calm in the time of chaos, and they showed resilience.  

APCO Canada is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications. It recognizes leaders in the public safety communication industry and highlights the teams and individuals who demonstrate excellence, leadership, and passion. 

The team award recognizes an emergency communication team that handled an unforeseen or unusually challenging situation causing each nominee to handle additional responsibilities in addition to their regularly assigned duties. Nominees may have used uncommon methods to problem solve, teamwork to create a solution, and together were instrumental in making a difference in the outcome of the event. 

Congratulations to Chrystal, Vanessa, and Megan on receiving this teamwork award!