Update On Snow Clearing Event As Of January 18, 2022

January 18, 2022

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon Public Works Department is providing the following update on the ongoing snow clearing event: 

  • Crews have completed snow clearing city streets in Routes P1A, 1, 5, and 6. Route 2 is partially cleared, and Routes 3 and 4 are currently in progress.  

  • Overnight, crews paused clearing snow in Routes 3 and 4 to remove snow from Richmond Avenue. Crews have also been clearing sidewalks and paths. Sidewalks in all zones have been cleared, with the exception of Zone G. Zone G is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of the day. 

  • To see all the updates, please visit snowmap.brandon.ca.  

During any snow event, the Public Works Department appreciates your cooperation. Please be patient, we will get to your street as soon as possible. Please respect the snow removal crews’ workspace and take an alternate route if possible. 

If residents have any inquiries about snow clearing in their area, they can do the following: 

  • Visit snowmap.brandon.ca for regular updates 

  • Sign up for Text notifications at textme.brandon.ca

  • Call 204-729-2285 either during regular business hours or after hours if they have any emergent concerns 

*Text notifications will be used to notify you of snow clearing occurring within the city, as well as events specific to your zone. 

About Snow Removal 

Snowfall amount, density of snow, humidity, rising or falling temperatures, wind velocity and direction along with the time of year, all play a part in how the City’s Public Works Department responds to any particular snow event. If a Citywide plowing program is implemented, it will be completed immediately after a snow event. 

In the event of an emergency, snow plowing equipment will be diverted in order to assist police, fire or ambulance emergency vehicles as required. 

Driveway approach clearing will be taking place as well but may not be completed immediately after plowing. 

Snow plowing and/or snow removal are conducted according to a priority system. When storms are continuous, or closely follow one another, operations will be repeated or continued on the routes of the highest priority, before moving onto routes of a lesser priority. These route designations include the following: 

Priority One "A" (P1A) 

  • Include main routes to be plowed within 24 hours of the start of a snow event 

  • Main arterial streets throughout the city to ensure ease of travel and plowed streets are evenly spread city wide 

  • Once finished P1A route crews will move directly into P1 routes 


Priority One (P1) 

  • Include routes that primarily consist of arterial and collector streets, City bus routes and some selected residential streets. 

  • The clearing of snow on these streets is the main emphasis of the snow clearing program following a snow event. City crews, however, may be clearing other streets while the P1 routes are being cleared. 

  • Depending on conditions these streets are normally cleared in the first 24 to 72 hours (about 3 days) after plowing commences. 

For more information on snow removal, please visit brandon.ca/snow-removal