2022 Proposed Municipal Budget

January 13, 2022

Brandon, MB – As Brandon City Council prepares to deliberate the proposed 2022 municipal budget, the community is invited to provide feedback.  

This year’s proposed capital budget includes a lot of improvements for the community, including the multi-year construction of an outdoor field complex, numerous street and sidewalk upgrades, many drainage and storm sewer mitigation projects, transit and airport upgrades, as well as significant updating of the municipal water treatment plant.  The proposed operations budget at $93.6 million includes some new programs and services. This year’s operating budget sees significant investment in affordable housing initiatives, investment in downtown and community wellness, as well as an increase in recreational programming and activities. 

The capital plan as proposed is $132.0 million and includes $40.4 million of Federal and Provincial grant funding. This year’s noteworthy projects include: 

  • $22.5 million towards multi-year water treatment plant upgrades totaling $125 million 

  • Outdoor sports complex on Veterans Way at $14.1 million 

  • Airport runway rehabilitation at $11.5 million 

  • Police Detention Centre at $4.1 million 

  • Replacement of four Access Transit Buses at $700 thousand 

            * Note that the above five projects are majority or fully funded by grants 

  • Proposed Drainage improvements across the City at $31.7 million 

  • Sewer lift station allowing for fifty years of growth in the southern areas at $15.0 million 

  • Fire department multipurpose ladder & rescue vehicle at $1.8 million 

  • Wastewater maintenance building at 1.7 million 

  • Water treatment automation upgrades at $1.3 million  

  • Reconfigure library entrance area at $1.0 million (subject to grant funding) 

  • Replacement or renewal of multiple vehicles, equipment, technology, building systems, streets, water, sewer and storm drain lines. 


Prior to Council’s deliberations, the proposed 2022 budget delivered by senior administration is representative of a 6.9% municipal tax increase. Senior administration has worked diligently to keep this percentage as low as possible while dealing with rising inflation costs, challenges due to COVID-19, and the need to properly invest in infrastructure projects which will support our City’s future.  

All proposed budget documents can be viewed on the City of Brandon website at brandon.ca/budget/2022-budget.   

City Council welcomes comments or feedback on the proposed 2022 budget which can be sent by email to budget@brandon.ca  

Brandon City Council will deliberate the 2022 proposed budget on Friday, January 28, 2022, and Saturday, January 29, 2022. Deliberations will be livestreamed for public viewing via the City of Brandon YouTube channel.