Speed Limit Reduced To 40 Kilometers On Durum Drive As Of January 4, 2022

December 22, 2021

Brandon, MB – Effective Tuesday, January 4, 2022, the City of Brandon will be reducing the speed limit on Durum Drive between 26th Street and Aberdeen Avenue from 50 to 40 Kilometers per hour. This speed limit reduction will be in place for a one-year pilot project. 

Durum Drive is the first street in the city to have a speed reduction under the authority of the City of Brandon. Previously, any speed reductions on city streets needed to be approved by the Province of Manitoba. 

Speeding through residential neighborhoods has been a consistent concern that the City has heard from residents. By implementing this pilot project, the City can effectively study the results of lowering the speed limit in a neighborhood.  

During this pilot project, a variety of techniques will be used to collect data in order to understand: 

  • Driver behaviour 

  • Speed 

  • Number of vehicles 

  • Trip selection by motorists when speed signs and/or radar is used 

The goal of this pilot project will be to determine if the City should consider further reductions of speed limits in residential neighbourhoods as a way of reducing collisions that could result in serious injury or fatality.  

Many other cities and municipalities are field testing similar pilot projects, such as Calgary and Toronto, which have already made larger scale changes to speed limits based on their findings.  

Over the coming year, the City’s Engineering Department will use the collected data to make recommendations to City Council about strategically expanding this pilot to other areas of the city to ensure a well-rounded approach.  

Through the course of this pilot project, there will be opportunities for residents to share their feedback on this initiative. In the meantime, residents can contact the Engineering Department by emailing engineering@brandon.ca or calling 204-729-2214.