Update To The City of Brandon Organization Structure

December 15, 2021

Brandon, MB – City of Brandon City Manager Ron Bowles is announcing changes to the City of Brandon’s senior leadership team and the organizational structure, effective February 1, 2022. 

“Starting a leadership job amid a pandemic has been a challenge, to say the least,” notes City Manager Ron Bowles. “Despite this, I have spent the first six months talking to many employees and the community about City of Brandon services. Not surprisingly, the overall sentiment is very positive.” 

In the interest of improving services and growing community for the residents of Brandon, there are areas within the organization requiring adjustment. The following list briefly outlines opportunities city employees will be tackling over the coming years:  


  1. Proactive service notification and increased community reporting 

  2. Robust infrastructure planning for the future 

  3. Cross-departmental business planning and work collaboration 

  4. Targeted operational amendments to Public Works, Development, and Recreation Services 

  5. Celebrating our successes and leaning into issues as they arise 


Stemming from these five opportunities, there will be several changes to leadership positions and the organizational structure, effective February 1, 2022. 


Operational Services Division 

Consists of Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Transportation, and Utilities. It will see the current General Manager of Development Services, Patrick Pulak, transfer in as the permanent General Manager of Operations.  

The General Manager of Operations position was temporarily filled by Ian Broome. Mr. Broome will continue assisting the many operational departments as a quality consultant, focusing on customer service, training, equipment operation and safety.  


Development Services Division 

Consists of Planning & Buildings Department and Engineering Services, as led by Directors Ryan Nickel and Mark Allard, respectively. Both directors will take on increased responsibility in the interim period. With strong leadership in this division, the City of Brandon will take time to carefully consider corporate needs before posting for a General Manager of Development Services position. 


Corporate Services Division

The Finance Department will move from Corporate Services to the City Manager Division.  

A new internal service called business and infrastructure planning will be created. Although this function does not have direct employees, General Manager of Corporate Services, Dean Hammond, will be coordinating critically important corporate-wide initiatives, such as asset management and business planning.  

Affordable Housing and Wellness will move into Corporate Services from Development Services. 

“City of Brandon employees take pride in Serving and Building Community,” says City Manager Ron Bowles. “Our path of continual improvement shows this commitment.” 

More information on the City of Brandon’s Organization Structure can be found at brandon.ca/city-manager/overview