New ALL-WAY STOP Signs At 26th Street & Maryland Avenue

October 25, 2021

Brandon, MB – Due to increased traffic in the area of 26th Street and Maryland Avenue, the City of Brandon Engineering Department has deemed it necessary to reconfigure the stop control at the following T-intersection. New ALL-WAY STOP signs have been installed on:  

  • Maryland Avenue westbound (new stop sign) 

  • Maryland Avenue eastbound (relocated stop sign 25 metres to the east) 

  • 26th Street southbound (same location) 

Those travelling northbound on 26th Street, south of Maryland Avenue, will have to stop before turning onto Maryland Avenue, and then stop again to proceed onto Maryland Avenue or turn onto 26th Street northbound. Previously, westbound traffic on Maryland Avenue did not stop at the intersection of 26th Street, causing uncertainty among motorists of who had control of the intersection, especially during peak times and school hours.  

Warning signage and line paint will be installed later this week. Brandon Police Service will be monitoring the area and assisting with enforcement.