Brandon Fire & Emergency Services Youth Firesetter Intervention Program

October 8, 2021

Brandon, MB – Brandon Fire & Emergency Services (BFES) provides several essential services including fire suppression, ambulance services, and specialized rescue. In addition to these essential services, one of the other programs offered by BFES is the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program. 

The Youth Firesetter Intervention Program is a voluntary program, which provides a standardized intervention method for addressing time sensitive issues. Most youth identified to this program are “curious firesetters”, who respond in a positive manner to appropriate fire safety education. In fact, 98% of those who have gone through this program have not been involved in another firesetting incident. 

Although BFES is not in a position to provide counselling services, they provide early identification of youth firesetters, appropriate education and referral services.  If the youth is identified as being in “crisis”, further fire safety education is provided, as well as a referral to an appropriate partner agency. 

BFES believes it is important that each case be dealt with in a timely manner.  Once a youth has been referred to the Youth Firesetter Program, interviews are set up with the parent(s) and youth to determine the best course of action to prevent further incidents. Parental involvement is key to the success of this program. 

A firesetting incident or experimentation is serious. It can cause injury, death or property damage. It is imperative that those who experiment with such a dangerous activity get help. 

The Youth Firesetter Intervention Program is a professional and completely confidential process. 

For further information on the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program, please call 204-729-2400 or email More information on Brandon Fire & Emergency Services can be found at