Brandon Fire & Emergency Services Share Cooking & BBQ Safety Tips

July 23, 2021

Brandon, MB – With summer finally here, Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is reminding residents of some important home fire safety tips.  

Careless cooking is a leading cause of home fires. Most of these fires start when cooking is left unattended on the stove. If you must leave the kitchen when you are cooking, turn off the stove. While cooking, always keep a tight fitting lid nearby. If a pot does catch fire, slide the lid over the pot, then turn off the stove. With the outdoor cooking season now in full swing, keep these safety tips in mind when starting up the barbeque: 

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe maintenance and use of your BBQ. 

  • Before starting your gas grill, check all connections, making sure they are tight. 

  • To check for leaks, apply a half and half mixture of soap and water to all connections, hoses and to the gas cylinder head.? If large soap bubbles start to form, then you know you have a leak.? Tighten the connections or have a professional replace any defective parts. 

  • Make sure BBQ burner ports are free of rust or dirt and burner orifice is clear of dust and cobwebs. 

  • When lighting the BBQ, be sure the lid is open and then open the valve at the cylinder. Turn on BBQ controls and light the burner using the spark ignitor button or a lighter designed for a BBQ. 

  • Always keep the grill a safe distance away from combustibles when cooking. 

  • Never use or store a propane barbecue indoors or in any enclosed space, including a garage. 

  • When transporting your propane tank, make sure you: transport directly to the refill station and home, transport your tank in the upright position and secured at all times, keep a window open to ventilate, make sure your tank is equipped with a safety plug, never leave a tank in a closed compartment, and never smoke during refilling or reconnecting.