City of Brandon PSA: City of Brandon Mosquito Surveillance Underway

June 23, 2021

Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services has begun its annual mosquito surveillance and abatement program for the 2021 season. The program focuses on monitoring and larviciding dozens of areas of standing water across the community, with provisions in place for adult nuisance mosquito control (fogging) if conditions meet criteria. 

In this early part of the nuisance mosquito season, focus is being placed on larviciding areas of standing water with a biological larvicide (Aquabac) where necessary and the weekly collection and analysis of adult mosquito trap counts collected from static locations across the community. Trap count data for the 2021 season is available at

The City of Brandon will ONLY undertake adult nuisance mosquito control (fogging) if the City of Brandon’s Adulticiding Factor Analysis Guidelines value falls into and remains in the high category for two consecutive trap counts; OR the average of any daily mosquito trap count is more than 1,000 nuisance mosquitoes; OR any individual trap count is more than 2,000 nuisance mosquitoes. These guidelines do not apply if the Province of Manitoba issues the City of Brandon a fogging health order to control any presence of West Nile virus. 

In accordance with approval granted by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency, the City of Brandon will undertake any potential adult nuisance mosquito control using the product, Delta Guard 20 EW (Deltamethrin). Compliant with its annual Pesticide Use Permit issued by the Province of Manitoba, the City of Brandon allows residents to register for a 90-metre buffer zone to be applied to their property in the event the City of Brandon fogs for nuisance mosquitoes. A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. A medical certificate is NOT required to request a nuisance mosquito buffer zone. However, should the Province of Manitoba issue the City of Brandon a health order to spray for West Nile virus, all buffer zones will NOT apply. More information about the use of Delta Gard 20 EW can be found at

The City of Brandon Nuisance Mosquito Buffer Zone application form is available for download by visiting . More information on the buffer zone registration process can be obtained by calling the City of Brandon Parks Section at 204-729-2148.