City of Brandon Is Pleased To Support Community Voices' Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Virtual Event

March 18, 2021

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is pleased to support the Community Voices’ Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Virtual Event scheduled for March 26th, 2021 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., via Zoom.  

Community Voices is a town hall platform to bring together individuals, groups, organizations, and researchers to explore important issues that impacts Brandon, the Westman Region, and Manitoba. 

The purpose of this project is to explore the following questions as a community: 

  • What are the current realities of inclusion in Brandon? 

  • How do different stakeholders define and work towards inclusion in their various contexts? 

  • What are the challenges and barriers to working toward inclusion? 

  • What opportunities exist? 

By creating an inclusive, non-partisan environment the community can openly meet to safely share perspectives, ideas, and challenges, thus cultivating a deeper level of understanding, and broader community engagement. Through this process, there will be valuable opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations to contribute towards the collective understanding of the issues and inform key recommendations. 

“Brandon has seen a very positive surge in diversity and inclusion from a large array of new cultures and First Nation and Metis residents”, said Mayor Rick Chrest.  “While we see significant strides towards ending racism, we have a long way to go to ensure inclusion is held in everyone’s heart every day of the year.  I will be honoured to participate in the Community Voices forum on March 26 and encourage everyone to join us for this important event.” 

Do you have thoughts about how to work toward inclusivity in Brandon and Westman? 

On Friday March 26th, this is your opportunity join the Brandon and Westman community conversation to identify and imagine ways forward.  

You can register for this event by visiting

This event will be facilitated by Michelle Lam from Brandon University Centre for Aboriginal and Rural Education Studies and is supported by Brandon Local Immigration Partnership, Westman Immigration Services, and Brandon Friendship Centre.