City of Brandon Still Monitoring High Water Levels Upstream

July 8, 2020


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon Emergency Response Control Group continues its daily monitoring of high water levels upstream on the Assiniboine River Valley following last week’s heavy rains.

Provincial officials report that, as of early this morning, the water level on the Rivers Reservoir was down 0.3 feet from their measurement of 24 hours prior, and that the level of water at the Rivers spillway remains at historically high levels. The Little Saskatchewan River continues to be at flood stage. Provincial officials also report that the Minnedosa Dam and Rivers Dam remain stable at this time and are being monitored 24/7.

As of approximately 7:30 a.m. this morning (Wednesday, July 8th), the Assiniboine River level in Brandon was measured at First Street at 1,169.22 feet above sea level.

Until such a time that the threat of any potential failure at the Rivers Dam has passed, the Brandon Emergency Control Group will remain at the ready and would continue to encourage all residents & businesses who received evacuation preparation notices last week to remain vigilant and be ready to evacuate on short notice should such an order be given. More information on this preparedness process can be found on the City of Brandon website here:

The intersection of 18th Street North & Grand Valley Road will remain closed until such a time that the threat of upstream flash flooding has completely passed, and Queen Elizabeth Park and Dinsdale Park both remain CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS this week as a public safety measure. All public are asked to respect the barricades and signage that have been put in place in these greenspaces and are further asked to stay away from the Assiniboine River and STAY OFF of the dike infrastructure during this time.

Additional information on Assiniboine River levels and any changes in the status of potential flash flooding in the Assiniboine River Valley will be published on as it is available.