City of Brandon Keeping Watch on Assiniboine River Valley Flooding

July 6, 2020


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon Emergency Response Control Group wishes to update the public on water levels in the Assiniboine River Valley following last week’s heavy rains.

The Assiniboine River in Brandon peaked late last week and its level receded significantly over the weekend. As of this morning (Monday, July 6th), the Assinboine River level in Brandon was measured at First Street at 1,170.84 feet above sea level - this is now below flood stage. However, as the current level of water within the Rivers Reservoir upstream of Brandon is above flood stage, the City of Brandon remains on high alert for any potential flash flooding that could still occur upstream in the Assiniboine River Valley.

The intersection of 18th Street North & Grand Valley Road will remain closed until such a time that the threat of upstream flash flooding has completely passed. The level of the Rivers Reservoir has come down at a slower rate than the Assiniboine River, likely due to additional rain and run-off coming into the system from upstream. Manitoba Government officials report that while the Rivers reservoir remains above flood stage, the situation is stable and is being monitored 24-7. As the situation stands today, Brandon’s dike system is sufficiently high and rugged enough to contain a surge of water, but with a great measure of caution, the City of Brandon is asking all residents and businesses who received evacuation preparation notices to continue to be vigilant and ready to evacuate should such an order be given.

In the event of an evacuation order, residents will be notified as follows:

-             The City of Brandon’s emergency alerting siren

-             Local radio stations

-             The City of Brandon website (

-             City of Brandon Facebook and Twitter

-             In-person door-to-door visitations

More information on this preparedness process can be found on the City of Brandon website here:

“The historic rainfall event in Brandon and Western Manitoba has impacted every corner of our community and we know that hundreds of homes and businesses are dealing with the consequences of this surge of water,” notes Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest. “Furthermore, the City of Brandon and those near the Assiniboine River remain on high alert this week in the event of any incident upstream. I would like to commend every citizen and business who have been dealing with these difficult circumstances for their vigilance and preparedness as well as our City staff for working tirelessly through this situation.”

Queen Elizabeth Park and Dinsdale Park both remain CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS this week as a public safety measure. All public are asked to respect the barricades and signage that have been put in place in these greenspaces and are further asked to stay away from the Assiniboine River and STAY OFF of the dike infrastructure during this time.

A NOTE from the City of Brandon Public Works Department that Streets & Roads crews continue to grade/repair back lanes impacted by last week's heavy rains & ask for patience from residents as they make their way through the list. To report a back lane in need of attention, please phone 204-729-2285 during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

A further update from the Public Works Department that the section of 1st Street from Maryland Avenue to Patricia Avenue that had been closed to allow for drainage of the nearby retention pond following last week's heavy rains has now been RE-OPENED for public use.

Additional information on Assiniboine River levels and any changes in the status of potential flash flooding in the Assiniboine River Valley will be made available at as it is available.