2020-2021 Residential Parking Permits Now Available

June 12, 2020


Brandon, MB – In accordance with City of Brandon Traffic By-law No.5463, the City of Brandon’s Legislative Services Office is now accepting residential parking permit applications from individuals who reside and park on streets where specific parking regulations exist.

There is no cost to obtain an annual residential parking permit, but in order to do so, an individual must provide proof of vehicle registration AND proof of residence at which said vehicle is to be parked. If the permit applicant is not the registered owner of the vehicle and/or the owner of the property at which they reside, they will need written permission from the vehicle owner and/or property owner before obtaining a permit. Permits come in the form of stickers, which are to be affixed to the inside of the registered vehicle’s windshield in such a way that it can be clearly seen by applicable parking authorities.

Individuals seeking a 2020-2021 residential parking permit may email parking@brandon.ca and attach all applicable documents with their request. Once the application is approved by the City of Brandon’s By-law Compliance Clerk, a sticker permit will be mailed out to the resident at no charge.

To make an application in person, individuals may also bring all applicable documents to the Parking/Licensing/Permits Office on the Main Floor of Brandon City Hall (410-9th Street). Once the application is approved, a sticker permit will be mailed out to the resident. Individuals attending to Brandon City Hall are asked to respect all COVID-19 safety protocols that have been put in place at the facility, including:

•             Entering the building via the Louise Avenue (north-facing) door and exiting via the 9th Street (southwest-facing) door;

•             Respecting the mandatory handwashing/sanitizing procedure prior to proceeding to the service counter;

•             Respecting the established system of arrows, safe physical distancing markers and stanchions installed in the foyer of City Hall, which currently has a maximum capacity of 33 persons at any one time.

For more information on the residential parking permit process, individuals may contact the City of Brandon’s By-law Compliance Clerk at 204-729-2230.