City of Brandon Offering 2020 Property Tax Payment Deferral Options

April 21, 2020


Brandon, MB – Recognizing the financial hardships that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response in Manitoba may be placing on property owners, Brandon City Council has approved extending the 2020 property tax payment deadline by one month and has also approved flexible options for payment for 2020 property taxes by year’s end.

With the 2020 Tax Levy By-law receiving third reading at a special meeting of Brandon City Council last night, the deadline for payment of 2020 property taxes is now July 31st, 2020 – one month later than normal. Earlier this month, Council agreed that penalties of 1.25% per month on unpaid 2020 taxes will be deferred until October 1st, 2020, and that the $20 “Payments not honoured by a Financial Institution” fee will be waived for the remainder of 2020. The City of Brandon Tax Installment Plan (TIP) has also been modified to allow for variable or flexible property tax payment options through to the end of the year.

In leading City Council to make these changes, Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest noted the extraordinary circumstances the community finds itself in have resulted in significant financial impacts for many households and businesses.

“Council recognizes that the current global pandemic and the resulting response from all levels of government have set into motion situations where ratepayers have been laid off, have had their work hours reduced, or have had to temporarily close their businesses,” Mayor Chrest said. “The payment deferral options that Council has put in place have been done so recognizing that, for some in our community, balancing their finances has now become significantly more complicated than normal.”

As payment of 2020 property taxes in full as a lump sum may prove difficult for some property owners, variable or flexible payment options through the City of Brandon Tax Installment Plan (TIP) are available by contacting the City of Brandon Finance Department at 204-729-2228 or by emailing Property owners can work with Finance staff to personalize a payment schedule that will work for them, as long as all 2020 taxes owing are paid in full by the end of the year. These payment options will be available to property owners already enrolled in TIPS and those who enrol in the program by July 15th, 2020. To apply for TIP, complete and submit the online application which can be found on the City of Brandon website at

Tax bills will be mailed to Brandon property owners by the end of June; however, property owners who are able to may pre-pay their property taxes at any time. A discount of 0.5% will be applied to all 2020 property tax payments received by April 30th, 2020 and 0.25% on payments received by May 29th, 2020. 

“If your financial circumstances haven’t changed amidst this pandemic and you are able to still pay your property taxes in full before or by the payment deadline, we would certainly encourage you to do so,” added Acting City Manager Dean Hammond. “While these are certainly unprecedented times, the City of Brandon has an obligation to keep our cash flow intact so that we can continue to keep your City running and continue to provide you the essential services that you expect from your local government.”

A detailed list of the various ways that property tax payment can be made can be found on the City of Brandon website at