Public Skating Oval Now CLOSED For The Season

March 9, 2020


City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services would like to inform the public that due to deteriorating ice conditions, the public skating oval west of McGregor Avenue has been officially closed for the winter season.

Melting temperatures this past weekend have created unsafe skating surfaces along many sections of the oval, which would require significant time to repair. Given the lateness of the season and the likelihood of continued melting and freezing temperatures in the coming weeks, the decision has been made to end oval operations at this time.

“Oval Closed” signs and barricades have been placed at the oval and all associated flood lighting will be turned off, and the area’s warming shacks will also no longer be available for public use.

The City of Brandon wishes to advise that anyone skating on the oval surface subsequent to this closure is doing so at their own risk, and thanks all users of its outdoor recreational facilities for enjoying the spaces with respect and keeping them in good condition for all to enjoy.