City of Brandon Monitoring Spring Levels on Assiniboine River

April 21, 2015

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Control Group continues to monitor spring levels on the Assiniboine River ahead of an expected crest later this month. In terms of a flood threat for Brandon, a desirable spring melt has occurred, with anticipated levels well within the City’s capabilities to manage.  

As of Tuesday, April 21st, the Assiniboine River in Brandon was sitting at approximately 1,171.5 feet above sea level, measured at First Street.*

River levels are anticipated to rise in the coming days and peak at approximately 1,173 feet above sea level. Adding in a two foot safety margin, the City of Brandon’s response team is putting plans in place that can accommodate a river level of approximately 1,175 feet above sea level. For reference, the Assiniboine River in Brandon crested at approximately 1,176 feet above sea level in the spring of 2014 and was effectively managed.

The City of Brandon’s response team remains ready and prepared block outfalls if and when it is required. Several pumps will be staged in various locations along the river corridor to be able to move rain water over the dike if necessary. Precipitation is forecast in the coming days, however, it is not considered substantial enough to have any real impact on Brandon’s situation.

Assiniboine River levels in Brandon are monitored regularly and published on the City of Brandon’s website here. Additional information will be provided to the public in the days ahead of the anticipated peak.

*Note: All river level measurements and discussion of river levels in Brandon are referenced to First Street to ensure any changes can be accurately monitored.