City of Brandon Update on Frozen Water Services

March 14, 2019


The City of Brandon’s Public Works Department wish to provide the public with an update on the increase in instances of frozen water services impacting residences and businesses in all areas of the City in the past number of weeks.

Though the winter’s extended cold snaps are behind us, as the warmer temperatures have arrived, the frost level has been driven lower into the ground, leading to an increase in situations where municipal water service lines are freezing.

As a result, service calls into the City of Brandon’s Meter Shop have spiked in recent weeks. While crews are doing their absolute best to attend to impacted properties as soon as possible, a wait list has formed this week and the provision of temporary water hook-ups has become necessary for such properties until crews can attend to their impacted water service line. As of today (Thursday, March 14th), approximately three dozen properties are on a waiting list for thawing service.

If your property has been impacted by frozen water lines, please contact the City of Brandon Meter Shop between the hours of 8 a.m. & 4:30 p.m. at 204-729-2192. After-hours service calls may be placed to 204-729-2285 or reported via our online web form at

Once a frozen water line has been thawed, it is VERY important for the impacted property owner to follow all instructions from Meter Shop staff and leave a tap in their home open and running water at a constant drizzle – approximately the width of a pen or pencil – to prevent lines from re-freezing until further notice.

The City of Brandon thanks all impacted residents and businesses for their patience and understanding during this particularly busy time for Meter Shop staff.