City of Brandon Snow-Plowing Operations - Update for January 7th, 2019

January 7, 2019


Work continues by the City of Brandon Streets & Roads Section to clear municipal streets following Sunday’s snowfall. Currently, plowing remains focused on Priority Routes across the City. It is anticipated that crews will move into residential zones on Thursday, January 10th, weather-permitting.

Residents are encouraged to visit the City of Brandon’s online snow operations map, located at to determine whether they reside on a Priority Route (numbered “1” through “6”) or within a Residential Zone (labelled “A” through “G”) and when such is scheduled for plowing.

In general, the City of Brandon does not sign most residential areas before equipment moves in to clean them, so residents can greatly assist plowing efforts by watching for updates posted online and making every attempt to move their vehicle off the street while plows or loaders are working in their neighbourhood.

The exception to the above procedure are areas of the City’s core that are prone to parking congestion, which are signed with “No Parking” signs in advance of plowing. In these areas, vehicles remaining in the “No Parking” zones could be subject to a ticket or a tow.

Once all the above-noted snow plowing activities have been completed, Streets and Roads crews will turn their attention to removing large piles of snow from boulevards and medians and from the downtown area.

As always, the City of Brandon would note that the following roadways within the City of Brandon are under provincial jurisdiction and are not cleared by City of Brandon crews:

•             18th Street (all the way from the most southerly City limits to most northerly City limits)

•             Victoria Avenue (from 1st Street to the most westerly City limits)

•             1st Street (from Richmond Avenue to the most northerly City limits)

•             Richmond Avenue from 18th Street to 65th Street East (PR 344)

•             Trans-Canada Highway (#1 Highway)

•             Grand Valley Road (PR 459)

•             Veterans Way (PR 457)

Finally, the City of Brandon urges all motorists and pedestrians to practice care and caution when in the immediate area of any snow removal equipment.