Brandon Municipal Airport Consultation on Reopening Runway 02/20

July 5, 2018

The City of Brandon and officials at Brandon Municipal Airport wish to inform the public that it is considering reopening runway 02/20 as a turf strip in response to requests for such a surface from airport users. 

Prior to beginning any work on reopening 02/20, Brandon Municipal Airport has a duty to consult interested parties within the airport zone as per Canadian Air Regulations (CARs) article 307.   The consultation period will run from July 6th, 2018 to August 24th, 2018.

Members of the public wishing to submit questions or concerns may do so by emailing the Airport Operations Coordinator (Robb Nesbitt –  or the Airport Charge Hand (Corey Pennycook –, or by sending a letter to:

Brandon Municipal Airport
405 Agnew Drive
Brandon, MB
R7A 5Y5

Submissions will be accepted until August 24th, 2018 at midnight.

Background: Brandon Airport was constructed in 1940 and designated the No. 12 Service Flying School under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.  It was constructed with three runways. A main runway, 08/26, and two cross wind runways, 14/32 and 02/20.  In 1984, Transport Canada, then the airport operator, decided to abandon 02/20 as it had fallen into despair and it was subsequently decommissioned.  There had been interest in reopening this surface in the years since but no effort was taken to repair 02/20 until recently. 

The airport has been asked if it would be possible to prepare a surface, suitable for grass landings when the infield parallel to 08/26 is not suitable due to cross winds.

Gliders currently use the Airport infield, parallel to runway 08/26, for takeoffs and landings but only when the winds are from the east and west.  When the winds are from the south west or north east, flying for this type of aircraft ceases due to crosswind limitations. By reopening 02/20, the gliding activity can take place at Brandon Airport, no matter the wind direction.  The airport, through consulting airport tenants and other users, found that a turf strip at Brandon Airport would be very welcome and would be used by others as well (e.g. Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon Flight Centre and Maple Leaf Aviation)

A turf strip would be very popular for use by gliders and small aircraft with tail wheels (also known as ‘tail draggers’) e.g. glider tow planes, small museum aircraft and crop sprayers.

To determine if the conversion of 02/20 to a useable grass surface would be feasible, airport staff inspected the decommissioned runway surface.  It was determined that it would require very little effort to prepare it for turf. 

All that is required to convert 02/20 to a turf runway is grading to smooth the surface, the addition of some black top soil, roll the soil and then seed it.  The ‘new’ runway will need to conform to Transport Canada’s TP 312 5th Edition.  To meet TP 312 requirements, two wind socks will need to be installed for the runway.  To accomplish this, the airport will reuse two of the wind socks being salvaged as part of the current airfield lighting project.  

The proposed dimensions of the turf runway will be: 2500’ X 60’ (area marked on the drawing provided as a PDF below). This runway will be non-precision.

For more information on the Brandon Municipal Airport, visit 

Runway_02-20_Drawing.pdf (1761.0 KB)