Brandon Environment Committee Marking Earth Day With ‘Spirit’

April 15, 2015

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon and the Brandon Environment Committee invite you to join them in celebrating the spirit of Earth Day by participating in an Earth Day Spirit Week!

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide each April 22nd to demonstrate support for the global movement of environmental protection and sustainability. However, due to the unpredictability of April weather and the history of inclement weather for Brandon’s past Earth Day events, the City of Brandon and the Brandon Environment Committee will, instead, host an outdoor celebration of the environment in late-May this year. The celebration is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 30th, at the Global Market in downtown Brandon. Activities will include local entertainment, giveaways, and local vendors – stay tuned for more information.

Still, the Brandon Environment Committee has come up with a few fun, easy ways for the public to celebrate the environment from April 20th to 24th – the Committee challenges you to see how you can incorporate all five days into your week!

Make a Difference Monday: Take on an eco-action to include in your daily schedule such as using reusable bags, picking up litter in your neighbourhood, or conserving energy by washing your clothes in cold water.

Trivia Tuesday: Test your eco-trivia with the Brandon Environment Committee! Find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (@BdnEnviroCom) or check out their website here.

Wear Green Wednesday: Earth Day is Wednesday April 22nd, so be sure to wear green to show you care about the environment!

Thrifty Thursday: It’s trendy to be thrifty! Upcycle or recycle your gently-used items to a local thrift store or charity.

Fair Trade Friday: Support the Fair Trade movement by choosing to purchase a fair trade coffee, chocolate, or tea.

Show your Earth Day spirit, Brandon! More information about Earth Day is available at