City of Brandon Open Fire Pit Requirements

April 21, 2017


Brandon, MB – With the onset of warmer weather and the backyard leisure season soon to be in full swing, Brandon Fire & Emergency Services would like to remind residents that all operational fire pits located within the City of Brandon must be accompanied by an authorized permit. Pursuant to the City of Brandon’s Open Air Fire Bylaw No.6746, anyone found to be operating a fire pit without a permit MAY be issued a fine, without warning, of UP TO $200.

As per the City of Brandon Open Air Fire Bylaw, approved fire pits must:


-              Be at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) from any building, property lines or combustible materials;

-              Have an overall pit depth that does not exceed 50 cms (20 inches) and a pit opening that does not exceed 75 cms
               (30 inches) inside diameter;

-              Have a spark arrestor mesh screen with a grid no larger than 1.25 cms (1/2 inch);

-              Have enclosed sides made from brick, concrete blocks or heavy-gauge metal.

-              Have a 16 cm (6 inch) clearance around it


There is absolutely no cost to obtain a permit, however, prior to issuing of a permit, an inspection of the proposed site /appliance by a member of Brandon Fire and Emergency Services is required. Applications must be completed in full and the fire pit must be inspected and approved before a permit is deemed valid. If not approved within thirty days, a new application must be submitted.

More information on open fire safety and the appropriate application forms for an approved Outdoor Burning Appliance can be found on the Brandon Fire & Emergency Services website here: Permits can also be obtained from Brandon Fire & Emergency Services at 120 - 19th Street North or 1301 - 13th Street, seven days a week between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Residents with approved outdoor fire pits are reminded to be “Good Neighbours” and ensure that any smoke from their fire pit does not directly drift into their neighbour’s yards. The City of Brandon and Brandon Fire and Emergency Services thanks residents for their cooperation in ensuring that spending time outdoors this summer is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.