City of Brandon Emergency Response Team on Standby Ahead of Weekend Weather Forecast

April 13, 2017


The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Team remains on standby to address any weather-related issues through the Easter Long Weekend.

The Assiniboine River level continues to drop daily and was measured at 9 a.m. today at 1,177.71 feet above sea level at First Street. This is down from a level of 1,178.06 feet above sea level at First Street late yesterday afternoon. However, with rainfall and gusting winds in the forecast, 24/7 monitoring of the dike system will continue through the long weekend to ensure any issues relating to weather that may arise can be dealt with quickly.

Until the river level is such that it recedes off the dike system, we continue to ask the public NOT be accessing any portion of the City’s dike system by foot, bicycle or otherwise. Public access into Dinsdale Park, Queen Elizabeth Park (including the Queen Elizabeth Park entrance at 26th Street North) and the Wheat City Golf Course and Recreation Centre is STRICTLY PROHIBITED until further notice. Barricades are up in these areas and are being monitored to ensure public adherence.