City of Brandon Closing Access to Grand Valley Road Ahead of Assiniboine River Peak

April 8, 2017


Brandon, MB – In response to rising levels on the Assiniboine River, the City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Team is moving forward with closing access to Grand Valley Road (Provincial Road #459) at 18th Street North.

Work to insert a clay plug at the intersection will begin late this morning, with completion anticipated sometime Sunday. City officials do not anticipate the need to close 18th Street North during this process; however, all motorists should be aware of this traffic congestion and plan their route accordingly. The Province of Manitoba has indicated a plan is in place to keep First Street open via the installation of aquadams.

As of 9 a.m. Saturday morning, the Assiniboine River level was sitting at 1,175.80 feet, measured at First Street. Officials remain prepared for an anticipated peak level nearing 1,180.0 feet above sea level, measured at First Street, to arrive between April 9th and April 11th.

The City of Brandon’s earthen dike system now sits at an elevation of 1,186 feet above sea level, measured at First Street. This provides approximately 3 feet of free board above the highest level Brandon experienced during the summer flood of 2014. To ensure the dike’s success, all points on the river that could be potentially impacted by the anticipated river level are being monitored and additional pumps have been placed at strategic locations along the river dike system and will be activated if required.

The City of Brandon strongly urges the public to stay away from the Assiniboine River and off the entire dike system to allow heavy machinery and construction crews safe and unobstructed access to the river. All public access into Dinsdale Park and Queen Elizabeth Park (including the Queen Elizabeth Park entrance at 26th Street North)c is STRICTLY PROHIBITED until further notice. Barricades are up in these areas and will be monitored to ensure public adherence.

Morning and afternoon river level readings continue to be taken at First Street and will be published on the City of Brandon’s website here: