City of Brandon 2017 Spring Melt Update For Wednesday, April 5th

April 5, 2017

The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Preparedness Group wishes to advise the community that levels on the Assiniboine River in Brandon rose sharply from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, in high likelihood due to ice damming along the river corridor between 26th Street and 1st Street.

Earlier this morning, the river was sitting at level of 1,176.2 feet above sea level, measured at First Street. However, the river has since receded quite a bit and, as of late-afternoon, was sitting at 1,174.45 feet above sea level, measured at First Street.

For the time being, the City of Brandon will remain prepared for a higher peak level in the range of 1,176.80 feet above sea level, measured at First Street, to arrive next week.

Preparation activities include: blocking outfalls and installing pumps to compensate; readying plans and supplies to install a plug in the Grand Valley road; meeting and reviewing plans with residents living outside of the protective dike; filling a reserve of sandbags to have on hand; providing preparedness and response information to the community as it becomes available. With rainfall forecast for some areas of southern Manitoba next week, a number of pumps have also been staged in areas along the river corridor.

An important reminder to the public that the City of Brandon’s earthen dike system now sits at an elevation of 1,186 feet above sea level, measured at First Street. This provides approximately 3 feet of free board above the highest level Brandon experienced during the summer flood of 2014.

Morning and afternoon river level readings are being taken at First Street and will be published on the City of Brandon’s website here: