City of Brandon 2017 Spring Melt Update For Monday, April 3rd

April 3, 2017


*Updated April 3rd at 5 p.m.*

The City of Brandon’s Emergency Preparedness team is watching the spring melt on the Assiniboine River closely this month to ensure readiness in the event a flood response is warranted.

As of noon today (Monday, April 3rd), the Assiniboine River level in Brandon was sitting at 1,171.84 feet above sea level, measured at First Street.  This is within a couple of inches of the level at which the river is considered overbank and at technical flood stage. Flood stage is considered to be 1,172 feet above sea level, measured at First Street, although there are some places along the river in recreational areas where the river is overbank before this level.

According to the Manitoba Hydrologic Forecast Centre, the first peak on the Assiniboine River in Brandon is likely to arrive sometime between April 10th and 17th. The province has also amended the estimated peak to be 1,176.80 feet, above sea level measured at First Street.  This is a level where officials would have to plug the dike at the intersection of Grand Valley Road (Provincial Road #459).

An important reminder to the public that the City of Brandon’s earthen dike system now sits at an elevation of 1,186 feet above sea level, measured at First Street. This provides approximately 3 feet of free board above the highest level Brandon experienced during the summer flood of 2014.

Ice on the river has begun to break up and in the next day or two will begin to move with the current.  This increases the risk of ice damming which may lead to a sudden but short term rise in river levels. In preparation for this developing situation, the City of Brandon has been sealing manholes, readying pumps, preparing to close outfalls, monitoring the situation and generally getting ready.

As the City of Brandon awaits the river’s spring peak, morning and afternoon river level readings are being taken at First Street and will be published on the City of Brandon’s website here:

Updates to the City of Brandon’s spring melt situation will be also be published to the City of Brandon’s website as they become available.