Pothole Patrol Well Underway on Brandon Streets

March 21, 2017

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s annual pothole patrol is well underway on Brandon streets this spring.

Potholes are prevalent in the spring due to the season’s freeze-thaw cycles, during which crews with the City of Brandon Streets & Roads Department most often use a temporary winter asphalt and tar mixture to address them. However, the Department is now also able to effectively produce and haul smaller quantities of hot asphalt, thanks to its asphalt reclaimer and asphalt pre-mix heater. The asphalt reclaimer is a specialized piece of stationary equipment, which turns recycled material from summer roadway milling projects into a hot mix of asphalt. This hot mix is then loaded into the City’s recently purchased asphalt pre-mix heater - essentially a pull-behind hopper capable of transporting 2.5 tonnes of asphalt directly to on-street pothole locations. Crews can now use this combination of pothole-filling techniques to more effectively address early-season potholes until the Department can secure a commercial supply of hot mix asphalt later in the spring.

Motorists can report problem potholes either by calling the City of Brandon’s 24-hour Pothole Hotline at 204-729-2200 or by submitting an online report on the City’s website by following this link: http://www.brandon.ca/report-an-issue.

The City of Brandon reminds its residents that a number of roads within City limits, including Victoria Avenue, Richmond Avenue, First Street, and 18th Street (including the bridges), are under the jurisdiction of the Province of Manitoba and, therefore, do not fall within the City of Brandon’s pothole patching program. Residents wishing to report a pothole or unsafe driving condition on a Provincial roadway can call 1-866-MANITOBA (1-866-626-4862).

Residents should also note that the City of Brandon’s pothole patching program does not apply to the aprons (sloped approaches) leading into private driveways.

Finally, the City of Brandon cautions all motorists that you should never swerve to avoid a pothole in your path! Drivers are advised to reduce their speed when approaching a pothole, but don’t brake when driving over the pothole as this can cause more damage. More pothole navigation pointers can be found by visiting the Manitoba Public Insurance website’s pothole page here: http://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Rd-Safety/Tips/60-Sec-Driver/Pages/Potholes.aspx.