City of Brandon Encourages Public Awareness of Parking Prohibitions

September 26, 2016


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Development Services Division wishes to remind residents of a number of general standing and parking prohibitions contained within City of Brandon Traffic Bylaw No. 5463. In particular, the public should be aware that, as per bylaw:

  • No vehicle is allowed to stop, stand, or park on or within 3 metres (9.84 feet) of the entrance to a lane or a driveway;

  • No vehicle is allowed to stop, stand, or park in an intersection or within a minimum of 9 metres (29.53 feet) of an intersection, unless a traffic control device dictates otherwise;

  • No vehicle may be parked anywhere on a city street for a period of more than 48 hours without moving said vehicle through the nearest intersection.

All residents and visitors to Brandon are encouraged to be aware of these and all other applicable parking prohibitions, as the Traffic Bylaw is enforced by members of the Brandon Police Service’s Bylaw Enforcement Section.

Parking fines for the above infractions are listed within the Parking Fine Schedule of the City of Brandon’s 2016 Approved Fee Schedule, which can be viewed on the City website here: