City of Brandon Elm Tree Preventative Maintenance Program

September 12, 2016


Brandon, MB – As part of its preventative maintenance program to ward off the threat of Dutch Elm Disease in Brandon, the City of Brandon’s Community Services Department will begin a spraying schedule for elm bark beetles, effective Monday, September 12th until the end of September.

A licensed crew of Community Services staff will work through an inventory of approximately 5,500 elm trees on public property, applying the insecticide, Pyrate 480 EC, to the base of the identified elm tree. Use of Pyrate 480 EC is permitted as per the 2016 Pesticide Use Permit issued to the City of Brandon by the Province of Manitoba. This spraying is being done as a pro-active means of eliminating the activity of elm bark beetles and, therefore, minimizing the potential spread of Dutch Elm Disease to healthy elm trees in the community.

Spraying is scheduled to occur Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., weather-permitting. Streets will be signed the morning of a specific area’s scheduled application. All residents are urged to suspend their activities in the immediate area of spraying, including that of pets, until all product residue in the area has completely dried (approximately 15 minutes following application).

As per its Pesticide Use Permit, all registered medical buffer zones will be respected as part of this spraying program, as will areas in the immediate vicinity of schools and public playgrounds, hospitals, and nursing homes.

For more information on this spraying schedule, or for information on how to prevent or manage Dutch Elm Disease on private property, visit the City of Brandon’s website at or contact the City of Brandon Community Services Department at 204-729-2148.