Brandon’s Lead Services Water Filter Rebate Program Begins Aug 24th

August 9, 2016


Brandon, MB – As part of the City of Brandon’s Lead Water Services Strategy to inform and educate residents on the issue of lead water service connections in the community and how they may affect drinking water, a water filter rebate program will be launched later this month for properties impacted by lead water service connections.

The water filter rebate program, approved by Brandon City Council last June, will begin intake on Wednesday, August 24th, and will provide a one-time rebate of up to $100 to assist eligible property owners/occupants in the purchase of an NSF-certified water filter for lead removal. Eligibility will be based on confirmation of the existence of a lead water service connection at the property; OR confirmation of lab test results which show lead at levels higher than national drinking water guidelines. Additional program details and application requirements will be posted on in the coming weeks.

In advance of the program’s start, informational packages are being delivered this week to approximately 5,200 properties in Brandon that have the potential to have a lead water service connection (either from the watermain to the property line, from the property line to the house, or both), based on the age of the property. A map of what has been determined to be Brandon’s Potential Lead Water Service Connection Catchment Area can be found here.

City of Brandon Director of Engineering Services & Water Resources Patrick Pulak says while it’s already known that not every property owner, resident, or business which receives the informational package will be impacted, the decision was made to send letters to all properties in the identified catchment area.

“The City of Brandon’s Engineering Department believes that the number of properties impacted by lead water services connections is actually far, far less than the number of informational packages we’ve sent out this week, but out of an abundance of caution and with public education in mind, we want to ensure that all properties that have the potential for having a lead service connection are properly notified,” Pulak says. “The City of Brandon is committed to working with the community on this issue; however, cooperation and participation from the community is absolutely necessary to make that happen.”

Pulak notes that the City of Brandon partnered with the Medical Officer of Health for Prairie Mountain Health and the Province of Manitoba’s Office of Drinking Water to ensure the informational package contains information on how to determine if your property or home has a water service connection line made of lead; how to have your drinking water tested for lead; how to access the City of Brandon’s Lead Drinking Water Filter Rebate Program; and how to lessen potential risks associated with lead levels that are higher than national drinking water guidelines.

Information contained in the package is also available on the City of Brandon’s Lead Water Services Information page here: Specific information regarding the water filter rebate program can be obtained by calling the City of Brandon’s Lead Water Services Information Line at 204-729-2527 or by emailing

Meanwhile, the City of Brandon’s current lead service connection line replacement cost-sharing program will be reviewed by Brandon City Council in the near future, with intent to better reflect the City’s responsibility for lead water service connections existing on the public right-of-way.