City of Brandon Traffic Flow & Traffic Signalization Update

July 11, 2016


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Engineering Department wishes to inform the motoring public of a number of recent and forthcoming traffic flow changes along a number of roadways in Brandon. Through these changes, the City of Brandon is continuing its commitment to improve traffic operations and the safety of all residents. Among the significant changes are:

  • Dedicated left-turning lanes have recently been integrated into several higher-traffic intersections, specifically at 26th Street and Brandon Avenue, 26th Street and Park Avenue, 1st Street and McTavish Avenue, 18th Street North and Hilton Avenue, and 18th Street and Rosser Avenue.This has been done to allow for the safe isolation of left-turning traffic from straight-through and right-turning traffic, and to also decrease traffic congestion. All of these intersections will also be outfitted in the fall with overhead signage indicating the new lane configuration.

  • The newly-installed traffic signals at the intersection of 13th Street and Park Avenue are now fully-operational and are being monitored. Once traffic patterns have stabilized in the area, traffic counts will be done to see if signal timing at the intersection of 13th Street & Park Avenue, as well as the intersection of 10th Street and Park Avenue, need to be modified.

  • The recently-decommissioned traffic lights at the intersection of 7th Street and Princess Avenue are scheduled for removal this summer. The pedestrian signals from these traffic lights will be re-purposed for use at the Rosser Avenue entrance of the Transit Bus Mall in downtown Brandon. Once the ongoing road construction at the Transit Bus Mall is complete later this month, a permanent two-way stop will be installed on Pacific Avenue in the immediate area. Information on how buses and transit users are to enter and exit the reconfigured bus mall will be issued to the public in the coming weeks.

  • A study is now underway by City of Brandon Engineering Staff on the potential for accessibility features for individuals with visual or hearing impairments at intersections within the City of Brandon’s jurisdiction, specifically the potential for audible signalization and tactile intersection markings at all new intersection constructions.

  • In the coming months, department staff will also be undertaking a functional design study for the corridor of 18th Street between Richmond Avenue and Aberdeen Avenue; and a signalization study along 18th Street North to assist the forthcoming design of the Daly Overpass expansion project.