City of Brandon Launches ‘Waste Wizard’ Online Tool for Residential Refuse Collection

June 15, 2016


Brandon, MB – Brandon residents now have a new online tool to help them decipher where exactly to stash their trash, thanks to today’s launch of the ‘Waste Wizard’ online tool on

The interactive online search, developed in-house by staff in the City of Brandon’s I.T. Department and Operational Services Division, allows residents to search by category of waste product, which will then tell the user which of their city-issued bins the product or material should be put into – their black-lidded refuse bin, their blue-lidded recycling bin or, if applicable to a voluntary compost program participant, their green-lidded yard waste bin.

One of the main goals of the tool is to help reduce contamination in recyclables as they make their way from the user’s bin to the City of Brandon Material Recovery Facility at the Eastview Landfill.

“Placing unacceptable materials in the recycling cart negatively impacts the recycling process, as these items must be removed at the processing facility,” notes City of Brandon Manager of Public Works Pam Penner. “It's far easier, and less costly, if we all do our part to ensure that we are only placing acceptable materials into the recycling cart. We are hopeful that residents will use the ‘Waste Wizard’ to help identify what materials should be going where, which will, in turn, greatly assist us in keeping contamination out of the recyclable waste stream.”

Penner adds that the “Waste Wizard” tool will also help to educate that there are a select number of plastics that are not processed at the Brandon Materials Recycling Facility, and further that the City of Brandon’s voluntary Green Cart program offers a convenient and environmentally-sustainable alternative to disposing of yard and garden waste in the regular refuse stream.

The “Waste Wizard” can be accessed directly at or by visiting the City of Brandon Sanitation Section’s Recycling FAQ web page here.