Traffic Flow Changes Being Implemented on 18th Street

December 10, 2015


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon's Engineering Department wishes to advise the motoring public of a number of traffic flow changes being implemented on 18th Street south of the Daly Overpass.

With cooperation from Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, a “taking turns” merging process has now been implemented for northbound traffic approaching the Daly Overpass. As such, a variable message sign has been put in place in the area of Louise Avenue reading “Merge Ahead – Use Both Lanes”, while another placed further north at Rosser Avenue reads, “Merge Here – Take Turns”.

The goal of using this type of merging process is to reduce the length of the northbound traffic queue waiting to access the Daly Overpass and also to encourage similar speeds in both lanes at the merge point for safety. Motorists are reminded to merge only when it is safe to do so.

In the new year, pedestrian-activated push buttons will be installed for the east-west corridors on both Rosser and Princess Avenues.  With this change, north-south traffic flow should see less interruption when no pedestrians are waiting to cross at the intersection. Also anticipated in 2016 will be the installation of underground detection loops at the intersections of Princess Avenue and Rosser Avenue, which will work to sense traffic and optimize signal timing based on demand.

The City of Brandon and Province of Manitoba appreciate the public’s cooperation and patience as these changes are made to improve traffic flow along this busy stretch of roadway.