City of Brandon Now Offering Interactive Online Snow Clearing Map

November 16, 2015


Brandon, MB – Brandon residents can now keep track of snow clearing progress on City streets through the winter season directly from their computer or mobile device, thanks to today’s launch of an interactive online snow clearing map on

The interactive site can be found on the City of Brandon website here and allows residents to stay up-to-date on snow-clearing efforts being undertaken by the City of Brandon Streets & Roads Department after a snowfall. Using the tandem approach of a colour-coded GIS map display as well as a text display, the site will show the clearing status of the City of Brandon’s main snow routes (which are the first to be cleaned after a snowfall) and also the clearing status of streets in residential areas if a City-wide snow clearing effort is underway. To help differentiate the types of snow-clearing events for the public, priority snow routes are numbered “1” through “6”, while residential zones are indicated by the letters “A” through “G”.  

“When you visit our new online snow clearing map, you can type in your home address and it will show you which residential snow clearing zone you live in,” says City of Brandon Director of Public Works Ian Broome. “When our Streets and Roads crews begin clearing streets after a snowfall, the map will be updated by our staff to reflect where they’ve been, where they currently are, and where they will be going, along with approximate timeframes.”

Even if a snow clearing event isn’t taking place, Brandon residents are encouraged to visit the online map and familiarize themselves with the City’s priority routes and residential zones so that they can better anticipate if and when snow clearing might be taking place on their street.

“During times of no snowfall, I encourage Brandon residents to click around the site and familiarize themselves with the City’s priority snow routes and residential zones, so that they are better informed when we announce a snow plowing event is set to begin, ” adds Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest. “I’m excited that we’ve launched this map at the start of this year’s snowfall season so that we can monitor its use and see where we might be able to improve or enhance this very important public communication tool.”

Brandon residents are also reminded that the provision for overnight parking restrictions on all signed seasonal snow clearing routes is now in effect as of November 15th.  As per the City of Brandon Traffic By-law, overnight parking along these routes (12 a.m. to 8 a.m.) is prohibited if a snow plowing/removal notice has been issued by the City of Brandon.

Residents who wish to receive email notifications prior to the implementation of such parking bans can do so by clicking here.