Dutch Elm Disease Tree Removal Program Underway in Brandon

November 4, 2015


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon Community Services Department wishes to advise residents that a Dutch Elm Disease Tree Removal program is now underway in various neighbourhoods across Brandon.

Dutch Elm trees identified by the Province of Manitoba as being diseased have been marked for removal with a band of orange paint and have been fitted with the proper identification tag. The trees will be removed by City of Brandon Parks staff over the next number of months and disposed of as per the proper Dutch Elm Disease handling procedures.

This year, a number of trees on City property and boulevards, as well as a number in areas along the Assiniboine River corridor, have been identified as diseased and will need to be removed.  A number of trees on private property have also been deemed by the Province of Manitoba as diseased and requiring removal. Beginning next week, the City of Brandon will be mailing out letters to all affected property owners, requesting their cooperation in the removal process of such trees on private property. Meanwhile, as per the City of Brandon’s tree removal policy, trees removed from City of Brandon public property will replaced by a new tree, either in the same location or in a complementary location so as to not impede City operations.

For more information about Dutch Elm Disease in Brandon, visit the City of Brandon website here or call the City of Brandon Community Services Department at 204-729-2148.