City of Brandon’s Environmental Initiatives Getting National Notice

October 15, 2015


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s efforts to establish itself as a green, environmentally responsible community are getting national attention and helping to secure Brandon’s place as a leader in the area of environmental action.

Earlier this month, the City of Brandon was recognized with the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association Environmental Action Award at the Communities in Bloom National Symposium in Kamloops, BC.  A Communities in Bloom program participant for more than 20 years, the City of Brandon also ranked in the top three in the Youth Involvement & Floral Display categories and was, once again, named in this year’s Circle of Excellence (non-evaluated). 

In receiving the prestigious Environmental Action award, Brandon was recognized for its leading environmental efforts in a number of areas, including the wide breadth of community work being done by the Brandon Environment Committee, and Brandon City Council’s recent adoption of a 20-year Greenspace Master Plan.

“Brandon is a City that believes in the importance of sustainability and we are honoured that the national Communities in Bloom organization has recognized that,” said City of Brandon Environmental Initiatives Coordinator Lindsay Hargreaves. “Whether it’s our popular residential Green Cart compost program, our partnership with the Assiniboine Hills Conservation District on water stewardship, or our increasing involvement in youth education programs in the Brandon School Division, we are committed to leaving a legacy of environmental responsibility for future generations.”

“We are particularly proud that this award recognizes the Greenspace Master Plan, as it is an important guide in shaping the City’s vision for the future,” added City of Brandon Manager of Community Development Esther Bryan.  “The Plan provides us the opportunity to invest and develop high-quality greenspaces that gives our City a unique shape and feel.  By capitalizing on our green infrastructure, we can create remarkable spaces that we can take pride in.”

Bryan added that lower cost initiatives within the day-to-day operations of the City of Brandon, such as the recent implementation of floral planters and baskets made of recycled material and featuring self-watering reservoirs, or the establishment of an employee-led Green Team to promote environmental initiatives in City workplaces, are also going a long way in establishing Brandon’s place as a green leader.

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