Animal Licensing Requirements in the City of Brandon

April 15, 2016


Brandon, MB – While cats and dogs are certainly recognized as furry members of the family for many in the community, the City of Brandon wishes to remind all residents that, as per bylaw, their four-legged friends are required to be licensed. Pursuant to City of Brandon Animal Control By-Law No. 5900, annual licensing requirements exist for all cats and dogs residing within City limits.

City bylaw states that residents are only allowed to own, possess, or harbour a maximum of two (2) dogs and two (2) cats older than six (6) months of age in their dwelling or on their property. As per the bylaw, all such animals – whether they are considered to be indoor pets or not –  must by accompanied by a valid licence authorized by the City of Brandon, which must be renewed on an annual basis.

Cat and dog owners are cautioned that if their unlicensed cat or dog is ever apprehended by Brandon Police Service Animal Control officers, they will be subject to a fine. Animal Control Officers do patrol the City and local dog parks and can request to see a pet’s licence at any time. As per the City of Brandon 2016 fee schedule, the fine for an unlicensed cat or dog is $50 if payment is made within 15 days or $100 if payment is made in excess of 15 days. In addition, a licence must be purchased for the apprehended animal prior to it being returned to the owner’s possession.

Pet licences are easily obtained through the Treasury Department at Brandon City Hall. As per the 2016 fee schedule, the cost to register a spayed/neutered cat or dog is $20, while the cost to register an unspayed/unneutered cat or dog is $56. Proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination and spay/neuter must be presented prior to the issuance of a licence.

General information about annual cat or dog licensing within the City of Brandon can be obtained by contacting the City of Brandon Treasury Department’s By-law Compliance Clerk at 204-729-2230 or by visiting the Treasury Counter on the main floor of Brandon City Hall, 410-9th Street.