Water Main Repairs Continue After Saturday Storm

July 6, 2015

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Sewer and Water Department continues to address water main breaks relating to a weekend storm event which knocked out power at the Brandon Water Treatment Facility and the 9th Street Water Reservoir.

Just prior to 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 4th, staff at the Water Treatment Facility responded to power outages affecting both the facility itself and also the 9th Street Water Reservoir. This outage had, in turn, impacted the pressure/flow of residential water services in many areas of the City.

“This was a unique situation where power to both our treatment plant and the reservoir were knocked out at the same time, so extra staff were called in immediately in order to isolate the issue and restore the residential water supply,” explains City of Brandon Director of Engineering Services & Water Resources Patrick Pulak. “While the new back-up generator at the Water Treatment Facility powered up properly, the system at the 9th Street reservoir did not, which is what led to the impact on residential water services. So, we’ll be reviewing that process to ensure all systems are functioning as they should in this type of situation.”

Pulak noted that water services were quickly restored within approximately one hour of the outage; however, the return of pressure in the system led to a number of water main breaks. To date, a total of seven (7) water main breaks have been identified, two (2) of which crews were able to fix over the weekend. It should be stressed that there are currently no water quality issues relating to the weekend power outage or the outstanding water main breaks.

“Our Sewer and Water crews worked diligently over the weekend and will continue that work this week to address the outstanding water main breaks just as soon as they possibly can,” adds City of Brandon General Manager of Operations Rod Sage. “It’s important for residents to note that in areas where the break location has not yet been isolated or repaired, water may continue to leak, but it is not a cause for alarm. Our crews will notify residents in affected areas in advance of repairs to ensure they can gather a supply of water prior to it being shut off.”

The City of Brandon asks for the co-operation and patience of residents until all water main breaks are repaired. If residents notice a new water main break, they are asked to call the City of Brandon’s Public Works Division 24-hour answering service at 204-729-2285 to report the location.